Exploring traditional separate domains such as programming and glass blowing allows me to take the best of different worlds to create unexpected shapes. A promising sparkle. The combination of craft and technology creates crossovers, hybrid shapes, and new possibilities. My research places “motion sensor”, “laser cutting” and “3D printing” comfortably next to “burner” and “annealing furnace”.

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[...] I have increasingly come to see the interaction between me and the work as a performance, in which the machine is the performer and I the assistant. As a person, I am not the lead act because the performative actions do not necessarily have to be performed by me. During the International Film Festival, I wrote instructions so that someone else could switch on and correct Testinstallation Cognizant. The instructions felt like a poem that became part of my work.

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The -in-famous k40 laser cutter.

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Paratext #37 on Testinstallation Cognizant by Marzia Matarese

Paratext #37 July 24, 2019 By Marzia Matarese [...] A spotlight is lit, we witness a first materialization in the western sector of this multiverse. First contact – Jeanine Verloop (exchange residence between Hangar and V2_Lab) A shiny, transparent exoskeleton waits quietly, resting on a table, perhaps a remote activation. Fragile fingers of quick touch remain immovable in a retracted and uncertain position. A voice resounds from an intercom loudspeaker: – Imagine that you have never seen a human being before. The alien perspective infiltrates among those present, gently laying on us its bluish prisms. – Their devices look all the same. Shouldn’t there be more imagination surrounding them? A laser cuts a writing device. Laser eyes outline grey hands that approach a body (of human appearance) and reconstruct it. Hands hesitating, trying to follow confusing designs: files decrypted by archaeologists of the future, collected on hard disks of transparent methacrylate.

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