multi machine installation

The plotter knife replaced by pens and markers draws intricate designs and patterns with machine precision. The loud mechanic sounds generated by the plotter were picked up by a microphone and fed into a complex audiovisual feedback loop where sound was converted into image using hacked VGA cables and a signal stabilizer.


Cognizant Test Installation

Cognizant Test Installation [2019] This installation was developed during a Summer Residency at (Barcelona) made possible by V2_Lab for Unstable Media.  Test installation Cognizant is a 1.60m high kinetic installation constructed from plexiglass and supported with a wooden frame. The linear lowering of the arms is driven by rotating isolated parts of a rhombic stirling mechanism. That rotation is controlled by 32 continuous servo motors and 2 pololu microcontrollers. This is specifically a test installation, intended…


[under construction] Zeeburg Skate Park

[under construction] Zeeburg Skate Park [2020] In collaboration with Arno & Iris Beaux Arts (Arno Coenen and Iris Roskam).[under construction] Zeeburg Skate Park [2020] In collaboration with Arno & Iris Beaux Arts (Arno Coenen and Iris Roskam).



Maashorst [2017] “De Maashorst” is a story about the battle between the Romans and the Germans. According to legend, the Romans were stopped at various places by impenetrable tree branches. The viaduct where the artwork is placed, connects surrounding villages with the nature reserve “De Maashorst”, where excavations have been made. In collaboration with Arno & Iris Beaux Arts (Arno Coenen and Iris Roskam). I delivered the sketch for the guards. specs Made of Corten…


Guardians of Democracy

Guardians of Democracy [2018] This is an ode to service. The different parts of this artpiece interact with each other through the different characters. In collaboration with Arno & Iris Beaux Arts (Arno Coenen and Iris Roskam) I transformed the communal desk (FMH) in the government office De Hoftoren. I delivered all illustrations for this artwork. specs Wall wrapping by Quickpaint Signmakers. Under heat an pressure the sticker is forced to follow the texture of the…


Award Artcadia

Award Artacadia [2019] Artwork for Artcadia Award, one of the largest art & technology competition for secondary school students. Nature is often used to clarify abstract concepts. The way we talk about computer technology is in biological terms. We 'surf' on the 'web', we protect ourselves against 'bugs' and 'viruses'. And our data is in the 'cloud'. What is the impact when we become alienated from nature? Will we at some point forget wat simple…


Offset Press Offset Press [2018] Analogue Printing Device As Robert McLiam Wilson writes, in the introduction Wild at Heart for WilderMann, “Plugged in, neurotically wi-fi ed and G3d as we are, we yearn to re-establish contact with the actual, the primal, the old. We dream of something real, something unmitigated by the filter of profi t-making portals and franchises. We want the as-was, the erstwhile. We languish for the non-mechanical and the pre- or post-industrial. We are pilgrims seeking the past, the genuine, the individual” specs [material]…


Reawaken Reawaken [2018] Reawaken is a kinetic sculpture with 55 robotic arms, powered by 55 servo motors. The lowering of the arms causes an abstract print on paper. Technology mirrors humanity, and vice versa. In addition to creating beauty, technology is there to meet our needs. We, and our needs, have evolved to a point where we are so integrated that we consume technology on autopilot. We live in a time of mass production in…

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