Receipt 2022

    RECEIPT 2022[2022] Limited series cards celebrating a new year. The image was created using  my Risograph to print some pictures of my glass gears. After that I used the scanner…

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residency Delft

Residency Delft[2021]I was invited by Highlight Delft for a residency in the Student Hotel in Delft where I could continue to develop my skills in glass. During my residency June 2021 at the…

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multi machine installation

The plotter knife replaced by pens and markers draws intricate designs and patterns with machine precision. The loud mechanic sounds generated by the plotter were picked up by a microphone and fed into a complex audiovisual feedback loop where sound was converted into image using hacked VGA cables and a signal stabilizer.

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Artificiality: A Natural Occurence at Testsite Meent [2019] Artificiality: A Natural Occurence at Testsite Meent [2019] Summer Sessions Residency at [2019] Cognizant[2019] The project was developed as part of the Summer…

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Zeeburg Skate Park

shading Jeanine Verloop shading Jeanine Verloop shading Jeanine Verloop shading Jeanine Verloop Zeeburgereiland Skate Park[2020]The municipality of Amsterdam commissioned Iris Roskam and Arno Coenen for this work of art. Who asked…

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Guardians of Democracy

Guardians of Democracy [2018] This is an ode to service. The different parts of this artpiece interact with each other through the different characters. In collaboration with Arno & Iris Beaux Arts (Arno…

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Award Artcadia

Award Artacadia [2019] Artwork for Artcadia Award, one of the largest art & technology competition for secondary school students. Nature is often used to clarify abstract concepts. The way we talk about…

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