“For the future of technology, Jeanine Verloop looks at techniques from the past, noting that we have become too dependent on usability and efficiency and are therefore alienated from our ability to dream. Her printing devices combines analog and digital technology and connect us again with the lost beauty and magic of our technical means. “

Jeanine Verloop,
Born 1994 Korendijk.

Living & working in Rotterdam,
The Netherlands.


KVK | 68710585

Accordion Content
TBA Living The Glass Age – Connected, Through Glass, To the Future Unexpected Glass Eemsklooster Amersfoort, The Netherlands
feb. 2023 Highlight Delft Delft, The Netherlands

2022‘The Garden’ Closing exhibition residencyCYENS ThinkerMakerspaceNicosia, Cyprus
2022WIP FestivalCYENS ThinkerMakerspaceNicosia, Cyprus
2022ARS Electronica FestivalV2_Lab For the Unstable MediaLinz,
2022PROSPECTSMondriaan Fonds, Art RotterdamVan Nelle Factory, Rotterdam, The Netherlands
2021ART TECH TOUREnergiehuisDordrecht,
The Netherlands
2021#leavingthebuilding ARTIST RESIDENCYThe Student Hotel DelftDelft,
The Netherlands
2021Temporary Studio VisitThe Student Hotel Delft

The Netherlands

2020Souvenir, collaboration with Caio VitaGoethe Institut, Museumnacht 010Rotterdam, The Netherlands
2020Wait and See Internationaal Film FestivalRotterdam, The Netherlands

2019Another Day in Paradise Galerie De MeerseHoofddorp, The Netherlands
2019Opening Inside, Stage for ExperimentsTestsite MeentRotterdam, The Netherlands
2019Artificiality: A Natural Occurence Testsite MeentRotterdam, The Netherlands
2019MediakunstKunstroute Kralingen – CrooswijkRotterdam, The Netherlands
2019Paratext Hangar_orgBarcelona,
2019Mission TechDutch Technology WeekEindhoven, The Netherlands
2019Night of the Nerds Dutch Technology WeekEindhoven, The Netherlands
2019Tec Art Rotterdam Art WeekRotterdam, The Netherlands
2019Research & the process of makingWillem de Kooning AcademieRotterdam, The Netherlands

The Netherlands
2018Manifestations – Will the Future Design us? Dutch Design weekEindhoven, The Netherlands
2018Future Fast Forward, curated by Kers Gallery Art the HagueDen Haag, The Netherlands
2018GOGBOT Planet ArtEnschede, The Netherlands
2018Graduation showWillem de Kooning AcademieRotterdam, The Netherlands
2018Uniteld.jpgS/ash Ga//eryRotterdam, The Netherlands

2017How to be humanS/ash Ga//eryRotterdam, The Netherlands

2022 print & web_ Catalog: Ars Electronica 2022: Festival of Art, Technology & Society. Welcome to Planet B.
2022 print_ Der Planet B ist am Rand von Linz, by Thomas Kramer in Die Presse – 2022-09-09
2022 web_ 10 Questions with Jeanine Verloop, Al-Tiba9 Contemporary Art.
2022 web_ World Fine Art Professionals and their Key-Pieces, 373 – Jeanine Verloop, Marbella Marbella, by Walter van Teeffelen.
2022 web_ The world of the Rotterdam artist, 58 – Jeanine Verloop, If Then is Now, by Walter van Teeffelen.
2022 print_ Jeanine Verloop makes machines that look radically different, Glas Magazine by Krista Israel.
2022 web_ Jeanine Verloop: Labor, Focus, Balance by Jue Yang.

2021 web & print_ Technology and art go hand in hand at the Highlight Delft festival: ‘There is something very human about technology’, Algemeen Dagblad by Lisa Vos.
2021 print_ [An Open Space](Testsite Meent), LINK Journal. English.  
2021 print_ [Reawaken, Cognizant](Jeanine Verloop), LINK Journal.  
2021 web_ Julia Bertolaso and Jeanine Verloop: LINK Journal.  

2020 web_ Onderzoek wetenschappelijk Glasblazen  

2019 web_ Paratext #37 by Marzia Matarese  
2019 web_ BIO – Jeanine Verloop, V2_Lab for the Unstable Media  
2019 web_ Jeanine Verloop – Summer Sessions 2019 exchange grant, Hangar_org.  
2019 web_ Kunst en Kunstenaar  
2019 print_ Als kunst en technologie hand in hand gaan, AD Delft  
2019 web_ A Futurist Storyteller  

2018 web_ Zal de toekomst ons ontwerpen?  
2018 web_ Reawaken – Imagine humanity trough the eyes of aliens.  


2022Arist in Residence CYENS – Center of Excellence ThinkerMakerspaceNicosia, Cyprus 
2021Residency the Student Hotel Delft in collaboration with Highlight Delft.Delft, The Netherlands 
2019Summer Residency at Hangar_org (exchange grant V2_Lab for Unstable Media).Barcelona, Spanje 
2022 Development & Research, Centrum Beeldende Kunst Rotterdam  
2022 Pictoright Steunfonds
2022 Stapbudget NHA-eduction Raspberry Pi Programming
2020 Starting grant, Stimuleringsfonds Creatieve Industrie
2020 Stipendium for Emerging Artists, Mondriaan Fund
2019 Exchange grant V2_Lab for Unstable Media, Summer Residency at Hangar_org
2019 Henri Winkelman Award Willem de Kooning Academie
2018 Young Talent Award Manifestations, Dutch Design Week
2018 Youngblood Award Planet Art
2018 Bachelor Research & Hybrid Publishing Award Willem de Kooning Academie
2018 Drempelprijs Willem de Kooning Academie

2022On the Process of MakingCYENS, Nicosia (CY).
2022About what it takesWillem de Kooning Academie, Rotterdam (NL).
2022DEMO | Tech JamGrafisch Lyceum Rotterdam, Rotterdam (NL).
2021How passion for craft, art and fascination for technology come together.Art Tech Tour, Dordrecht (NL).
2021Guest Lecture IllustratieWillem de Kooning Academie, Rotterdam (NL).
2021Roundtable DiscussionLINK Journal, online.
2019On research and the process of making.Willem de Kooning Academie, Rotterdam (NL).

2021Hyper Global / Hyper Local Selected ParticipantsEuropean Creative Hubs Network: ECHNweb
2021HIGHLIGHT DELFTclicknl.nlweb
2021ArtTechTour: hét onderwijsfestival over kunst, technologie en wetenschapdordrecht.netweb
20211e ArtTechTour: hét onderwijsfestival over kunst, technologie en wetenschap in het Energiehuis!onderwijs-cultuur.nlweb
2021Symbiote, Jeanine Verloophighlightdelft.nlweb
2021Prospects – Mondriaan Fund shows Talentmondriaanfonds.nl


2020European Break Up Museumnacht 010web
2020Mondriaan Fonds draagt bij aan jong talent! Mondriaan Fondsweb
2020Cognizant Test Installation Internationaal Film Festivalweb
202030 projecten geselecteerd in Vormgeving Stimuleringsfonds Creatieve Industrieweb
2020Voorzichtige toename keramische gevels in Nederland TegelTotaalweb
2020Dutch Design Week holland.comweb
2020TSTST x LINK hotglueweb
2020Our Contributors LINK-Journalweb
2019PARATEXT NO. 37 HANGARBarcelona Culturaweb
2019Kunstroute Kralingen CrooswijkRon Blomweb
2019ReAwaken, een technisch kunstwerkMission Tech 
2019Tentoonstelling Het MediafestivalHet Mediafestivalweb
2019Aanstormend Dutch Design TalentHolland Design & Giftsweb
2019CBK jaaroverzicht 2019CBK Rotterdamweb
2019Bacchus: Belief without ReligionSpiegeloosweb
2019Jeanine Verloop – ReawakenTestsite Meentweb
2019Jeanine Verloop – ReawakenManifestationsweb
2019ANOTHER DAY IN PARADISEGallerie de Meerseweb
2019Reawaken, an exploration of printing.TEC ARTweb
2019Cognizant Test InstallationSummer Sessionsweb
2019Kunstroute opent bij The Student HotelDe Sterweb

2018YOUNGBLOOD nomineesGOGBOTweb
2018Highlight festival Delftdokweb
2018“FUTURE FFwrd”Gekarelweb
2018‘Cyber is Art’ SeminarRisk & Businessweb

2017How to be Humanwormweb

2018Cum Laude Bachelor of ArtsWillem de Kooning Academie
2014Mediavormgeving VersneldGrafisch Lyceum Rotterdam
2022 Illustration teacher Willem de Kooning Academy Rotterdam
2021 Collaboration with LINK journal “Hyper Global / Hyper Local” as part of the Makers’ eXchange, a pilot policy project co-funded by the European Union. 
2021 Research collaboration with LINK journal and Foundation TSTST. TSTST.HOTGLUE.ME 
2020 Chairwoman Foundation Testsite [TSTST]
2020 Founder Foundation Testsite [TSTST]
2019 Initiator Testsite Meent, artist run exhibition space surrounding media and technology.

“For the future of technology, Jeanine Verloop looks at techniques from the past, noting that we have become too dependent on usability and efficiency and are therefore alienated from our ability to dream. Her printing devices combines analog and digital technology and connect us again with the lost beauty and magic of our technical means. “

Jeanine Verloop,
Born 1994 Korendijk, Netherlands.

Living & working in Rotterdam,


KVK | 68710585