During my residency at the Student Hotel, I experimented with glass gears. Deforming and pulling the gears out of proportion, and creating organic cylinder-shaped gears. These gears were showcased in a 24/7 window exhibit alongside my experiments with trapping and mixing different liquids and my blindly ambitious project to make a glass piston engine.

Lees verder#7

Paratext #37 on Testinstallation Cognizant by Marzia Matarese

Paratext #37 July 24, 2019 By Marzia Matarese [...] A spotlight is lit, we witness a first materialization in the western sector of this multiverse. First contact – Jeanine Verloop (exchange residence between Hangar and V2_Lab) A shiny, transparent exoskeleton waits quietly, resting on a table, perhaps a remote activation. Fragile fingers of quick touch remain immovable in a retracted and uncertain position. A voice resounds from an intercom loudspeaker: – Imagine that you have never seen a human being before. The alien perspective infiltrates among those present, gently laying on us its bluish prisms. – Their devices look all the same. Shouldn’t there be more imagination surrounding them? A laser cuts a writing device. Laser eyes outline grey hands that approach a body (of human appearance) and reconstruct it. Hands hesitating, trying to follow confusing designs: files decrypted by archaeologists of the future, collected on hard disks of transparent methacrylate.

Lees verderParatext #37 on Testinstallation Cognizant by Marzia Matarese

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