Cognizant Test Installation [2019]

This installation was developed during a Summer Residency at (Barcelona) made possible by V2_Lab for Unstable Media. 

Test installation Cognizant is a 1.60m high kinetic installation constructed from plexiglass and supported with a wooden frame. The linear lowering of the arms is driven by rotating isolated parts of a rhombic stirling mechanism. That rotation is controlled by 32 continuous servo motors and 2 pololu microcontrollers. This is specifically a test installation, intended to explore mechanics and experiment with various scripts and sensors.
Accordion Content
[material] perspex, wood, metal, 32 servo motors, 2 pololu micro controllers [dimensions] 700×1600 mm

The components of the installations are derived from the human body and magnified mechanisms. The artist collects obsolete printers and various other electronic devices to repair or to open up to look and understand the different parts. Through these autopsies, she increase her knowledge and gets inspired. Along with this research and robotics her practice evolves to a broader search for imagination and beauty surrounding technology.

When we’ve shaped our own tools, they turn around and reshape us. As flowers and bees evolve together, humans develop in a symbiotic relationship with technology. Technology behaves unpredictably and often bridges the boundary between imagination and what has been realised. In her research into technology and imagination, Jeanine Verloop looks at times when technology takes a big leap. Specifically people with psychosis seem to derive many of their fears from the sense that they are controlled by technology, those are always technologies that are rooted in our society in some other way at that certain time. Where the imagination surpasses the realized functions and, for example, attributes an autonomy to a device, Jeanine finds inspiration.

Human’s need to understand and share the world around us and our receptiveness to technology and its unpredictable nature makes us feel vulnerable. Vulnerability is inherent in Jeanine’s work. With her installations, she wants to enchant the viewer and show the machine as more than a synonym for utility and efficiency.

This project is produced as part of the Summer Sessions Network for Talent Development in a co-production of Hangar and V2_ Lab for the Unstable Media.

Parts produced at L’Ateneu de Fabricació Les Corts, Barcelona.