CHIME utilises the fragile and flexible nature of glass and resonance to generate movement. At the resonance frequency, the glass strings collide, producing a collective chorus of subtle chimes. From one’s visual perspective, the glass strings create a mesmerising scenario where the sculpture and its surroundings seem to coexist in the same spatial domain simultaneously. The concept of an object devoid of distinct boundaries may appear surreal, yet it isn’t entirely alien. If one was to imagine the universe beyond their conventional visual reality and base their understanding on auditory experiences, they might perceive the world not as a mere collection of separate entities but rather as a symphony of waves, each with varying intensities traversing through matter. 

Chime acts as a lens, offering a deeper look into a reality that eludes visual perception. Constantly at the brink of destroying itself, Chime allows audiences to enter a world beyond their reality while giving them space to reflect on the here and now.    

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Electronics and code: Raz Isac and Luuk Schipperheyn

High Speed Camera Specialist: Flip Bleekrode
High Speed Camera Assistant: Daniel Ro

With contributions and valuable advice from:
Interaction and programming – Marije Baalman
Programming: Dieter Vandoren
Electronics: Matteo Marangoni
Composition: Ezequiel Menalled

Special thanks to:
Yannik Güldner
Mariska de Groot

CHIME is commissioned by iii as part of its annual residency program and presented in collaboration with Rewire. The research phase for CHIME was made possible by Mondriaan Fund and V2_Lab for Unstable Media.